The man who shares everything with his best friend

April 30th, 2011

This is a story from a long time ago.  There was this guy I was casually dating for several months.  I remember he always talked about his best friend about how great he is and he’s one of the most important things in this life.  It was a bit annoying hearing about it all the time, but there wasn’t any problem, well, until that day.

One day, he decides to send his best friend to me, which I didn’t know about first.  I’ve known this friend for a while, so it wasn’t strange that he started talking to me.  He goes, “Do you want to come to my apartment?”.  I looked puzzled and said, “I don’t think so. I thought you know I’m dating your best friend.”  And he says, “Of course I know, he’s my best buddy.  As a matter of fact, he wants me to ask you out”.  Huh?? He continues enthusiastically, “He told me how great you are, and that’s why he wants me to have you too.

Being stood up at my own dinner

December 6th, 2010

There was this guy I dated for couple months.  One day I said I’d cook a nice dinner for him and he took the offer.  I was actually trying to impress him at the time, and I researched some recipes online, went to a grocery store to get a lot of ingredients, and I even went to a wine store to pick up a bottle of wine! 

On the dinner day, I was supposed to get a call from him after he gets off from work.  When he didn’t call after his work, I thought it was strange but didn’t think too much.  I thought he was running errands or something.  After I finished cooking and got everything ready to go, he still hadn’t call, so I called him.  He answered and told me that he’s hanging out with his buddies because I didn’t call him.

What??  He said he called me after his work, but I didn’t answer my phone or return his call.  What???  I had my cell phone the whole time.  I told him I was waiting for his call, and also said my cell phone probably had a glitch and it didn’t pick up the signal. (I mean is that why you decide to ditch me and go to his buddies?)  After I told him about my cell phone, his response was, “well, that’s neither ones fault then”.

Meeting people in small town

December 1st, 2010

It’s hard to be in a small town.  Actually, the town I live in is not that small.  It is a 65,000 population town, so there should be plenty of people here.  But it seems everybody knows everybody.  When I make a new friend thinking I’m the only person who knows her in my circle, soon I find out my friends and my co-workers already know her…

Here are some examples.  I created a new profile on one of the major online dating sites.  I browsed maybe about 10 guys that are on the first page.  Later I get an email from one of the guys I looked at. This guy did not have his picture.  He says he liked my profile, which actually didn’t really have much anyway.  At the end of email, he put his full name, and I noticed that is the same name as my friend’s guy friend.  I asked if it was him, and off course it was…

Just last week, I went out to a bar with my friend.  Her friend comes to me and say there is a guy who is “well available” and she wants to introduce me to him.  I did not have a good feeling about this but she dragged me to him.  When I saw him, I laughed.  He is the guy I work with.  “well available”, alright.  He used to show up at work with beer breath.

Anyway, that’s my life here.  Maybe I should just start dating a random guy on the street and see if my friends know him…


Are you non-punctual? Can you beat this?

September 27th, 2010

Another ex story.  I’m not that much of a punctual person but I never met anybody like him who is beyond my limit. 

It was his birthday, so I made a dinner plan with him.  I told him I’d pick him up at 7PM.  I arrived at his apartment at about 7:10PM feeling guilty for being late.  But when I saw him, my guilt disappeared quickly. 

He said, “My laundry is still in the dryer, so we need to wait until it gets done.”  (otherwise someone steals his clothes?)

Then he continues, “I’m going to get a hair cut now.  It only takes 20 minutes.  We have to wait for the laundry anyway.  I’ll be back.” 

(20+ minutes passed)

He comes back and left to get the laundry.

(10 minutes passed)

He comes back and said, “I have to take a shower now.  My hair is everywhere on my shoulders.  It only takes minutes.”

(5 minutes passed)

He gets out, dry himself, and starts blow-drying his hair.

(10 minutes passed)

He starts looking for clothes to wear and change.

(5 minutes passed)

Then he says, “Now I’ll just have to finish this tea and brush my teeth, and we are ready to go.”

The whole time, I just sit there and wait.  We left after about 1.5 hours later than we are supposed to leave.  I was so glad I didn’t make a reservation. 

Feng shui

May 28th, 2010

One day, I was talking about something, which I don’t remember what was about anymore, but I mentioned to my boyfriend the word “feng shui”. 

He said, “what the hell is fung-shway?” 

I said, “I don’t know whole a lot, but it is based on acient Chinese beliefs about energy flow and stuff, and the word is now commonly used in English”. 

He looked at me like I’m crazy and said, “I’ve never heard of such a word!. That is not a common English term!” 

I said, “You might hear it on TV and it is sometimes talked about on some magagines. Just because you don’t know the word, it doesn’t mean it is not common!” 

But he disagrees saying, “Average Americans don’t know such a word!”. 

So I asked my roommates if they knew the word.  Of course they knew.  He said, “Your roommates are not average Americans.  They are college educated people, that is not average Americans!” 

My roommate asked five of her girl friends if they knew the word. She said, “yeah they knew the word and they are all white”.  LOL

He said to me, “They are all girls!  They might have heard of stuff like that more than guys!  Average American guys don’t know such a word!”.

Some other day, he and I met up with his friend at a local bar.  So I asked his friend if he knew the word.  Of course he knew.  He even gave us a long explanation about it. 

Then my boyfriend stood up, looked around the bar and found 5 or 6 guys drinking at the counter, so he walked over and asked them if they knew the word.  Of course they all knew.

Now, how else can you define “average Americans”?

The tick incident

May 9th, 2010

It was one nice weekend, so I dragged my boyfriend to a local state park for hiking.  When we got on the trail, he decided to show me the old trail that he used to take when he was a kid, which is now closed down.  We walked in the woods for a while and finally found a place to rest. 

All sudden he screams %$#@!.  “There are ticks on me!”  Apparently he found a few ticks on his sweat pants.  I just said “oh…” and he screams even more.  “Do you know, once you get a tick bite, there is a 50% chance of getting Lyme disease?  Once you get Lyme disease, you have it for the rest of your life!  There is no cure for it!  Do you get how serious this is?!”

He continues, “Take your jacket off!  Take your shoes off!  Take your shirt off!  There is no one around.  You don’t have time to be thinking about this. Do it now!  This is emergency!”  He takes his shirt off. 

He continues, “We need to examine each other right away. We need to double check and triple check because they are really small and easy to miss!” 

After we checked each other for about 20 minutes, he says, “We need to go home right away and take a shower, and wash all the clothes and dry them with the highest heat. We will examine each other again at home. Man, this ruined my whole day and I’ll be worrying about this for next several weeks until I know for sure I didn’t get the disease. This is why I didn’t want to come here. This is not worth it!!” 

Now, more than a month passed since that day.  We are both OK. LOL.  But he has not touched the shoes and clothes that he wore that day.

Forgetting something?

April 25th, 2010

I told my friend that I would test my boyfriend to see if he remembers my birthday or not. My boyfriend called me around 10pm on my birthday and said he tried to call me earlier but the phone was busy. I told him I got several phone calls and I just got done talking with my mom. He knows my mom calls me only for a special occasion.

So he says, “oh, does she have a bad new today?” What? Why?, I asked.

He says, “not a bad news? Oh, is it your mom’s birthday today?” What? Why does mom call me on her birthday? I would call her on her birthday.

He continues, “is this your sister’s birthday then?”. At this point, I thought he was playing a prank on me. I said, “no it is not my sister’s birthday.”

He continues, “oh then, is this a national holiday in your country?”. I laughed, and I was still waiting for him to say he was joking. But next thing he says to me was, “I give up, why did your mom call?”. Then I finally realized he was serious the whole time.

“um, it is MY birthday?” Does it occur to you?

He pauses, and says “oh…”.

I said to him, “obviously you forgot my birthday”.


Grocery bill

April 6th, 2010

I am dating a student and it is sometimes hard for me as a professional.  Our financial level is completely different. But I accepted it when I decided to date him, so I thought I could deal with it.  Well, it seems it is not easy as I thought.

On the Easter Sunday, we decided to cook a dinner together (actually I did most of the cooking).  We said we would go to the grocery store to get the ingredients and split the bill.  I paid at the store, and told him he can pay me his share later.  After the dinner, he asked me how much he owed me, so I said he could look at the receipt and give me the half.  Then he goes, “We used only a half of the cheese.  You have so much left over in your fridge.  Why should I have to pay for that?”

Mr. Organic

March 8th, 2010

It’s been a long time since I wrote my last blog. In the past, I wrote about weird men I met or dated, but now I am dating a guy whom I consider a Dr. Phil contestant material, so I decided to write about him.


His friends call him Mr. Organic.  I say he has OCD.  He only buys foods at the local organic food store.  I would think 98% of his diet is organic or something close to it.  A loaf of bread is $4.84, a dozen of eggs is $4.38. Very expensive…   I consider myself pretty healthy and I try to buy all natural foods.  But for him, I am toxicating myself by eating the foods I eat and shorting my lifespan…


If it is just eating organic foods, maybe that’s not so bad, but there are other things that I do that he does not approve.   

  • You cannot cook food on a Teflon frying pan with high heat. - He says the fume it emits can even kill a bird.
  • You cannot cook food with aluminum foil such as wrapping vegetables in a foil and bake or gril them, or even covering a pot or pan with a foil as a lid. 
  • You cannot boil water with a metal kettle. - He says when the metal is heated, the coating will come off and get absorbed in the water.
  • You cannot rinse dishes with hot water. - You don’t drink hot water out of facet, so he says it would be the same effect if you rinse the dishes with hot water.
  • You cannot stand close to the microwave when it is on.
  • You cannot use microwave to heat the food in a tupperware or any type of plastic container.
  • You cannot wrap foods to heat it in a microwave.
  • You cannot use charcoal to grill-out. - He says there is a non-toxic charcoal substitute.
  • You cannot use ozone based air purifier. - He said ozone is used to kill the bio-organism so it is affecting your body as well.
  • You cannot use a lawn mower and snow blower without ear plugs.

He will not eat the food I cooked if he does not approve the ingredients.  He does not want to come in my house if I use my air purifier.  He does not eat out unless he calls in and makes sure they do not use hydrogenated oil. (And not many restaurants check out.)  He does not believe in moderation.  He says those toxins are killing ourselves slowly and we just don’t know it.

The Shortest Date I’ve Ever Had (Summer 2007)

July 3rd, 2007

My friend Heidi and her friend set me up for a blind date. I heard he has a good job, is good looking, and has no kids. Sounds good… He called me and asked me if I was interested in meeting. Sure, why not. When I asked where we should meet, he hesitated and said, “Let’s not do a dinner”. I said, “ok, that’s fine with me if you’re not comfortable”. Then he said, “um, it’s not that. It’s just, I only have four dollars in my wallet right now”. Hmmm great. That’s a good start, heh. Anyway, I agreed to meet him at a coffee shop at 1pm on Saturday.

When we met at the coffee shop, we introduced each other, and right away, he said, “By the way, I need to get to my buddy’s place by 2:30 (pm)”. Oh. Maybe I didn’t give him a good first impression… We ordered a couple of ice coffee. I watched him and asked, “are you going to get this (tab)”? He said, “I will get this THIS TIME.” Ok, he stressed “this time”, probably implying I need to get it next time. Fine. Not a big deal.

We sat down and talked. When I told him he was attractive, he said THANK YOUUUUUU with a big smile. OK…. Then I realized he hasn’t complemented me at all. Fine. Not a big deal. Then he told me that he doesn’t want to be used by a girl, and he wants to be treated nice. I asked how he meant, and he said, for example, he wants to get a good gift on his birthday, not like a T-shirt he got from his ex-girl friend. Hmmm, I think I got it. He is high maintenance. This is going to be interesting. He is a girl trapped in man’s body.

He asked me what time it was several times during the conversation. A little after 2pm, I asked if he had to leave soon. He said yes and we left shortly after. When we got out of the coffee shop, he said, “It was nice meeting you, call me sometimes”. Call you sometimes? Does he really want to talk to me again, or is he just being nice? A few days later, I did call him, and we had a really long conversation, for 90 minutes! He asked if I want to go to the coffee shop again. Hmmm, did he mean we will go to the same coffee shop for the second date?? Then he said, “Next time, you can pay for the coffee”. Oh jeez. Before we hanged up, I told him he should call me if he wants to talk to me again. I never got a call from him… Oh well, that’s that. I’m glad it’s over.